The Game

The Gallery is a fantasy exploration game built from the ground up for virtual reality.

Your missing sister, an ancient machine, and a sinister presence await within The Gallery, a built for VR experience inspired by dark 80’s fantasy adventure films. Reach out and touch a forgotten world filled with bizarre characters, curious interactions and awe inspiring adventure. The Machine is calling…..step inside.

“The Gallery: Six Elements is one of the best things I’ve played in VR, Cloudhead Games has spent years working on interaction in VR, and it shows!”

– Ben Kuchera, Senior Editor, POLYGON



  • Transport yourself to fantasy worlds and experience a deep sense of presence as you uncover intricate details, looking in, under, over and around every nook and cranny.
  • Experience complete hand tracking and interact within the environment like never before through groundbreaking gameplay designed specifically for VR.
  • Move, sit, stand, walk and crawl in an immersive 360°environment; play at your desk, in your living room or a fully dedicated space with a full custom room-scale supported experience.
  • Cutting edge positional audio and spellbinding soundtrack by award-winning composer, Jeremy Soule.
  • Rekindle your love for adventure with a classic character-driven narrative inspired by dark 80’s fantasy films.


What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is a virtual reality fantasy exploration video game inspired by dark 80’s fantasy movies and classic graphic adventure games. The Gallery has a deep narrative storyline with bizarre characters, that takes you on an adventure through fantastical environments while challenging you with physical interactions and puzzle solving.  We are not modifying or porting a game to be accessible in VR, we have built from the ground up, with the intricacies of the medium are driving every design aspect.

How do I play the Gallery?

Fully immersed inside the game, you are guided by an engaging and rich storyline that challenges you with unique interactions and puzzle solving. Physically use your hands to interact with objects – open doors, insert objects into spaces and sockets, carry and throw virtually everything in the game.  But do not get your fingers caught. Cloudhead Games is not responsible for missing fingers or arms.

How can I buy The Gallery?

The Gallery will first be available for HTC’s Vive, releasing in Winter 2015, with support for  additional VR platforms like Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus released as they are launched. Stay tuned for additional platform announcements and pre-orders information through Valve’s Steam Marketplace, Amazon and others.

Who is making the Gallery?

We are Cloudhead Games, a group of developers from Vancouver Island who have been working in the VR space for the last two years. We began our journey with a humble Kickstarter campaign which granted us the opportunity to begin working on The Gallery. Since then we’ve grown into a diverse team of pioneers drawing from many different backgrounds, from AAA game studios like Bioware and Relic, to tabletop RPG developers like Worldworks Games.

How do I redeem The Gallery
as a Kickstarter Backer?

If you pledged $25 or more through our Kickstarter, congratulations! You have already pre-ordered The Gallery. During launch this Winter 2015 you will be emailed keys for the game which you can then redeem through Steam.





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